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About the Course

This AI Machine Learning Bootcamp correlates to the AI and ML industry, a hot topic for the past couple of years. There is also a high demand for AI/ML certified and trained professionals within the industry, as revenue generated by AI/ML products is estimated to reach $156.5 billion worldwide. In addition, the U.S. average salary range is $90,000 - $185,000, depending upon experience—making this profession lucrative and fulfilling.

The Bootcamp starts with a powerful introduction to the current and historical context of AI, highlighting the massive opportunities in technology. This is followed by an introduction to AI and ML, progressing to data science programming with Python and SQL, and getting into ML and natural language processing (NLP). You will prepare to pass the Microsoft Azure AI Engineer Certification Exam AI-102: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution.

By the end of this course, you will be prepared for the following job roles:

Machine Learning Researcher
Data Scientist - Entry level
Research Analyst
Quantitative Researcher
AI and ML Developer
Data Science Engineer - Machine Learning

AI Machine Learning




6 Months

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