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About the Course

Start your journey into a growing industry!

The New Skills.Tech Foundations of AI journey – featuring AI-expert Reed Bender – guides students through a cutting-edge collection of resources and labs designed to equip them with the skills and tools necessary to understand both the mathematics underlying machine learning and the revolutionary applications being built today.

The journey starts with a foundational understanding of statistics, linear algebra, and data science. From there, the students will be guided through best-in-class content to learn tools such as linear regression, classification algorithms, and neural networks. The course ends with a capstone project exploring generative AI, teaching students how to build and implement their own AI powered chatbot. Throughout all of this, students will be taught to interactively write Python code to implement the algorithms they are exploring.

Students will explore the fundamentals of AI and the cutting-edge tech that is rapidly changing our world. They will collaborate with each other, mentors, and Pria in an online AI Lab. In the final project, students will build their own large language model using the skills and coding expertise they developed throughout the course. Qualifies for the Foundations of AI digital badge.

Generative AI Foundation




3 Months

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